Our history is rich, long, and adaptive to technology that “makes sense”.

In 1986, Creative Computer Concepts was formed and released it’s DOS version of DataLube. DataLube, a Point-of-Sale (POS) software program, was initially written specifically for the Oil Change – Fast/Quick Lube Industry, but rapidly became a popular software solution through-out the Auto Care Industry. DataLube provided an easy-to-use, affordable, and cost effective means for owners to not only protect, but grow their investment.

History - Fast Lube Software 1986
History - DataLube Certified for Single Shop Owners
History - DataLube Plus for Multiple Shop Owners
History - DataLube Manager for Centralized Management

Early 1987, recognizing the need for multiple computers in high volume locations, DataLube was modified so multiple users could utilize the software simultaneously on a Local Area Network (LAN – Intranet).

Addressing the needs of multi-shop owners, DataLube Plus™ and DataLube Manager™ would also be released during the early months of 1987, and the original DataLube software (for single locations) was renamed to DataLube Certified™.

DataLube Manager™ was developed to provide for centralized data tracking, sharing, and data management for any owner with more than one facility. DataLube Plus™ was designed so that each facility, in a multi-facility operation, could automatically transfer to and receive data from the DataLube Manager™ system.

Most of the 90’s and the beginning of the millennium found us traveling the country (and abroad) installing DataLube software in every type of Auto Care facility imaginable!

Not only was DataLube utilized to track the general business of Automotive Maintenance and Repair, it was now being used for lobby sales of greeting cards, gifts, food, candy, drinks, hats, and ANYTHING that could be sold.

While DataLube always interfaced with various printers and cash drawers, further modifications to the software were made in the early 90’s to incorporate the use of Barcode Scanners, Static Sticker printers, 2″ – 4″ Receipt printers, and even Touch Screen monitors.

Around 2005, the need to travel to a location to train new DataLube users came to an abrupt halt with the popularity and accessibility of the Internet.

Today, all DataLube products operate on a Windows based platform, and our added services provide an extended arm to assist our customers in realizing their vision to succeed. There is no fail, no trying, just doing and making it happen!

The process that began in 1986 continues as we explore new technologies and implement only those technologies that prove to serve our customers (and your customers) best interest. Anything we do must be cost effective … not cost prohibitive.

History - DataLube Quick Lube Software