Reader boards can have more meaning than what they actually say. If the reader board never gets changed, it may be that you need some help in that area. As with other blogs, this blog will become more interactive, and valuable, with time, as other individuals share their “two cents worth” with the rest of us by posting a reply.

Traveling around my area, there are a couple of businesses that change their reader boards weekly. When I use to take my children to school, my children and I actually looked forward to the message of the week. It takes time and effort to come up with something clever, every week, that will fit on most reader boards.

Messages like “Drive Safe During the Holidays!”, “Happy Mother’s Day”, “Have a Save 4th, etc, show heart & compassion.

“Happy 50th Mr & Mrs Smith”, “Congrats Brittney & John on Your New Baby Boy”, “Thanks For Your Business, The Sears Family”, etc, can echo your local paper, showing pride in family.

“Home of the Titans”, “Best Small Town in Texas”, “Titans vs Warriors Saturday 8:00pm”, displays pride in community.

Maybe I’m wrong, but, “Help Wanted”, “Mechanic Needed”, says you may be under staffed and might not have a mechanic. Fast food places can get away with “Help Wanted” on their reader board, due to the nature of their business.

I think most messages, that appear to be asking for money get ignored. Messages like “Winterize Today!”, “Get Your Oil Changed Every 3,000 Miles”, “Wash That Dirty Bucket of Bolts Today”, all seem to say I WANT YOUR MONEY. “We’re Ready To Winterize When You’re Ready”, “Mechanic On Duty”, “Proper Service=Greater Gas Mileage” seems informative and serves more as an invitation.

By utilizing the Reader board, and keeping it fresh, you can communicate your heart & soul to potential customers (that don’t know you), and to existing customers (that are proud to be associated with you).