Age of Entitlements?  We won’t go there, however, what are your customers and potential customers “entitled” to?  FREE advice?  FREE education?  Yes, and YES!

Social Media and your Website can educate customers and potential customers DAILY.  Trying to educate the customer when they are in your shop, to most, appears as nothing more than an attempt to up-sell.  Besides, they are usually there for only 10-15 minutes when your Social Media and Website are running 24/7/365!

Consistently “drip feeding” your social media assets (not just Facebook) with informative posts like the one that follows will have your customers ASKING YOU for products.

“Suffering from allergies or breathing problems? Most vehicles have a cabin air filter, which will eventually become clogged with pollen, bacteria and …”

Take a look at the following REAL numbers (note: 2015 numbers are only through June 20)

Increased Frequency