Much has been learned from having spent a life in customer service … as a member of your team, we not only support your DataLube software, we support you and your business in any way possible. From starting up to starting over, we’ve been down the weathered road of survival and success!

Please feel free to contact us, when you need assistance.

Phone Support

Call anytime if you have a need. When? ANYTIME. 903.791.1085.

Email Support

Email us at with your questions, or for any other reason, when you would like a written reply.

“We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give”.
– Winston Churchill –

Support - Allow us to work for you!

Remote Training

Utilizing the Internet, we can access (with your permission) your computer(s) to demonstrate and train as we speak to you on the phone.

Remote Assistance

(Our Computer to Your Computer) this is the same as Remote Training above. We can quickly access your computer and assist you in any way necessary, including backing up your data or transferring your data to a newer (or different) computer.

Software Updates

When everyone is on the same page, everyone benefits. Software updates occur at least once a year, at NO ADDITIONAL COSTS to you. Software updates are a necessity as we all learn and grow from newer technologies and maintain a stronger and leaner business.

Any update to your software is scheduled (after hours) to accommodate your schedule and includes a detailed menu option describing, “What’s New”. Chances are, unless you visited the “What’s New” menu option, you would never know we did anything. Use the “New Stuff”, if you want to, and/or when you are ready.

Hardware Upgrades

We encourage you to purchase your hardware locally. Should there be any questions, please have your hardware professional call us, we will be happy to work with them to arrive at a cost effective solution for you. Approximately every four to five years, you will want to replace your aging computer with a newer computer. We will be available to transfer your data from your older computer, to the newer computer, after hours to assure a smooth transition.

Support - Grant Remote Access